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JobsDecoder's AI Competency Matcher provides personalized learning programs with the right tutor.

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Plan your career journey with JobsDecoder Career Planning. Create short-term and long-term career goals.

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Personalized Learning Programs

JobsDecoder offers various courses in Data Science, Python, Javascript, SQL and many more!

JobsDecoder provides courses that matches your career need and learning styles. We offer Bootcamps, Group Trainings, 1-on-1 Training and Self Learning Programs. Our AI solutions match you with experts in your desired field of study. Schedule a call and start your free trial!

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jobsdecoder career planning


jobsdecoder career planning Suhye Park

Goldman Sachs

“I specialize in big data analysis and visualization, specifically through dimensionality reduction, principal component analysis (PCA), clustering, and graphs. JobsDecoder's Personalized Learning Programs expanded my skillsets and helped me land my dream job.”

jobsdecoder career resume Claudia Li


“JobsDecoder's Learning Programs gave me the opportunity to see so much more about the data science field than I was able to learn in the classroom. My mentor was so great. She gave me a better understanding of what I have learned in the classroom, and guided me to apply it to real situations.”

jobsdecoder career interview and many more...

@ Pepsi, Tencent, Waymo, etc.

“We believe that learning is a way of life. To evolve is human endeavour and to share knowledge is humanity's greatest mission.”


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